Nilorea Library

Table Of Contents:

About Nilorea Library

Nilorea Library is a C library, which brings you:

-various helping macros, typedefs, logging facilities

-strings, hash tables, linked lists,

-network engine

-simple 2D/3D physics, little generic game managing system

Some more If used with the Allegro 5 library:

-particle system, 2D isometric engine, 2D animation system

-dialogs and ressources manager

Usable as a monolith library or a collection of files

Nilorea Library requirements

Gcc and make

The socket libs (winsock or socket)

Pthread lib (posix pthread for windows or linux)

Optional: allegro 5.0.0 or better


Just type make and use the library or put the right files in your LIB and INCLUDE directory, link them with your code and let's go !

Flags when using Nilorea Library

make ALLEGRO=1 to build the monolith with allegro 5 support

Closing Words

Nilorea is a 'make life easier' library, you're welcome using it.

Everything inside is free or under GPL license, read it at

If something was not made by me you should find the informations about the authors and licenses in the concerned source files

Have nice day and don't forget to submit me bugs !