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n_anim.h File Reference

Animations graphics and animations parameters. More...

#include "n_common.h"
#include "n_log.h"
#include "n_str.h"
#include "allegro5/allegro.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ANIM_DATA
 animation properties More...
struct  ANIM_FRAME
 struct of the properties of a frame in an animation More...
struct  ANIM_GFX
 struct of an animation More...
struct  ANIM_LIB
 structure of a library of gfxs More...


int add_bmp_to_lib (ANIM_LIB *lib, unsigned int pos, char *file, char *resfile)
 add a bitmap to a ANIM_LIB *lib More...
ANIM_LIBcreate_anim_library (char *name, unsigned int size)
 Allocate an animation library. More...
int delete_bmp_from_lib (ANIM_LIB *lib, unsigned int id)
 Delete the frame at 'id' from 'lib'. More...
int destroy_anim_lib (ANIM_LIB **lib)
 Destroy an animation library. More...
int draw_anim (ANIM_DATA *data, int x, int y)
 blit an ANIM_DATA at position x,y ( current selected video buffer is used ) More...
int update_anim (ANIM_DATA *data, unsigned int delta_t)
 compute and update an ANIM_DATA context based on elapsed delta_t time in usecs More...

Detailed Description

Animations graphics and animations parameters.

Castagnier Mickael aka Gull Ra Driel

Definition in file n_anim.h.