Nilorea Library
C utilities for networking, threading, graphics
nilorea Directory Reference
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file  n_3d.h [code]
 Simple 3D movement simulation.
file  n_allegro5.h [code]
 Allegro5 helpers.
file  n_anim.h [code]
 Animations graphics and animations parameters.
file  n_base64.h [code]
 base64 encoding and decoding functions using N_STR
file  n_common.h [code]
 Common headers and low-level hugly functions & define.
file  n_config_file.h [code]
 Config file reading and writing.
file  n_crypto.h [code]
 vigenere encoding and decoding functions using N_STR/files
file  n_enum.h [code]
 Macro to build enums and their tostring counterparts, a reduced version of
file  n_exceptions.h [code]
 Exception management for C.
file  n_files.h [code]
 files configuration header
file  n_fluids.h [code]
 fluid management port from "How to write an Eulerian fluid simulator with 200 lines of code", by Ten Minute Physics ( )
file  n_games.h [code]
 Games helpers functions.
file  n_hash.h [code]
 Hash functions and table.
file  n_iso_engine.h [code]
 Map loading, saving, with objects, animations, ...
file  n_kafka.h [code]
 kafka generic produce and consume event header
file  n_list.h [code]
 List structures and definitions.
file  n_log.h [code]
 Generic log system.
file  n_network.h [code]
 Network Engine.
file  n_network_msg.h [code]
 Network messages , serialization tools.
file  n_nodup_log.h [code]
 Generic No Dup Log system.
file  n_particles.h [code]
 Particles management.
file  n_pcre.h [code]
 PCRE helpers for regex matching.
file  n_signals.h [code]
 Signals general handling with stack printing, from
file  n_stack.h [code]
file  n_str.h [code]
 N_STR and string function declaration.
file  n_thread_pool.h [code]
 Thread pool declaration.
file  n_time.h [code]
 Timing utilities.
file  n_user.h [code]
 USERS handling for tiny game apps.
file  n_zlib.h [code]
 ZLIB compression handler.