Nilorea Library
C utilities for networking, threading, graphics
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CANIM_DATAAnimation properties
 CANIM_FRAMEStruct of the properties of a frame in an animation
 CANIM_GFXStruct of an animation
 CANIM_LIBStructure of a library of gfxs
 CCELLCell of a MAP
 CCONFIG_FILEStructure of a config file
 CCONFIG_FILE_SECTIONStructure of a config section
 CDATAString and int holder
 CExceptionContextListException stack structure
 CGAME_ENVGame Environment structure
 CHASH_NODEStructure of a hash table node
 CHASH_TABLEStructure of a hash table
 CHASH_VALUEUnion of the value of a node
 CLISTStructure of a generic LIST container
 CLIST_NODEStructure of a generic list node
 CLOG_LEVELSInternal struct to handle log types
 CMAPMAP with objects, tiles, skins
 CN_PCREN_PCRE structure
 CN_SOCKETStructure of a N_SOCKET
 CN_STRA box including a string and his lenght
 CN_TIMETiming Structure
 CN_USERUSER management cell
 CNETW_MSGNetwork message, array of char and int
 CNETWORK_POOLStructure of a network pool
 CPARTICLEStructure of a single particle
 CPARTICLE_SYSTEMStructure of a particle system
 CPEER_OBJECTSimple structure to hold objects positions / timeouts
 CPHYSICSStructure of the physics of an object
 CSTACKSTACK structure
 CTHREAD_POOLStructure of a trhead pool
 CTHREAD_POOL_NODEA thread pool node
 CTHREAD_WAITING_PROCStructure of a waiting process item
 CTS_LOGThreadSafe LOGging structure