Nilorea Library
C utilities for networking, threading, graphics
Here is a list of all modules:
 ALLEGRO5: allegro 5 helpers (user input,...)
 COMMONS: macros, headers, defines, timers, allocators,...
 CONFIGURATIONS: classic config file loading/saving
 CYPHERS: BASE64 (encode / decode) (from / to) a N_STR *string
 CYPHERS: VIGENERE (encode / decode) a (N_STR / file) with a root key or a combination of a question and an answer
 ENUMERATIONS: quick and clean enum macro set
 EXCEPTIONS: C++ style try,catch,endtry,throw
 FILES: files utilies
 FLUIDS: fluid simulation example
 GAME APPS: game environment management utilities
 GRAPHICS: 3D particles utilities
 GRAPHICS: animation library, loading structures and blit funcs
 GRAPHICS: isometric engine, maps, tiles, ...
 HASH TABLES: classic or trie tree hash_tables
 KAFKA: generic event producer and consumer functions
 LISTS: generic type list
 LOGGING NODUP: no duplicate logging to console, to file, to syslog
 LOGGING: logging to console, to file, to syslog, to event log
 NETWORK ENGINE: connect, accept, send and recv wrappers. Network Queue, thread-safe add/get message, ssl/tls secured communications
 NETWORK MESSAGES: tools to serialize integers, double, N_STR from and back to a single N_STR *message
 NETWORK USERS: server side network oriented user handling
 PCREs: regex matching helpers
 PHYSICS: simple 3D movement simulation
 SIGNALS: signals handling and stack printing
 STACKS: generic type stack
 STRINGS: replacement to char *strings with dynamic resizing and boundary checking
 THREADS: tools to create and manage a thread pool
 TIMERS: generally used headers, defines, timers, allocators,...
 ZLIB: shortcuts to easy compress/decompress data