Ultimate HackRF Portapack Mayhem Upgrade Guide

2023-2024 Edition


When updating your devices, you may sometimes encounter problems that are directly related to the way you updated and to the changes that have occurred between your version jump.

That guide does not pretend to solve all the problems, some are real issues that have to be opened on the Mayhem GITHUB issues tracker.

On the other hand, if you have followed that guide and still have a problem, your issue have better chances to be solved as it will be possible to set aside common updates related problems.

List of important steps:

  • download all necessary files (it means at least SDCARD apps and firmware bin file !!)
  • have a reliable USB cable
  • ensure that your button battery is not dead, else use ‘PMem to Sdcard’ options in ‘Settings’
  • ensure that your CPLD is up to date (no need to update each time, but be sure at least once)
  • flash the firmware
  • update sdcard content (do not forget to update APPS if you’re manually refreshing !)
  • if you are having strange apps problems, try a factory default reset. It’s important to note that you will loose your settings and will have to set them back if you’re doing that step
  • always go and check the settings after the updates, we may have added things that changed the memory layout of settings thus messing them.

You may search each each steps details in the Mayhem GITHUB Wiki, particularly in the following sections:

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