HackRF Portapack Mayhem 2.0.1

The new stable firmware is out, with a bunch of bugfixes, new features, and new apps !!
Here you go for a detailed changelog since 2.0.0 !
First apps changes are listed, and then the UI / Radio / Baseband / Website / GIT ones.

TLDR, main features for that update:

  • Freqman is supporting a lot more files than before
  • Tone beep has been added to a ton of apps and as a global setting too
  • 2 new apps which will make use of the incoming ESP32 USB tooling
  • Auto record and repeat in Recon
  • Autostart app on power on option
  • RX IQ CALibration
  • lots of fixes and cleanings
  • some new preset/freqman files
  • some new BLE options

List of updated apps:


  • Beep-on-packet support in ADSB RX app
  • Added sil value ASDB


  • Beep-on-packet support in AIS app


  • Adding Rx IQ error phase CAL to SPEC Audio_App
  • Added a beep duration parameter
  • Improved audio beep tone


  • Added all and all-safe attack types to blespam
  • Bt namespam

Capture/Recording apps:

  • Record gps lat, lon, satinuse from recorder app if there was gps signal


  • Fix Recon Modulation/Bandwidth presets
  • Recon repeat auto recorded file mode
  • Added enums for recon_config bits


  • beep on packet


  • Add FPV analog frequenqies to FREQMAN
  • Limiting description size to 30, and minor fix
  • SSTV Freqs
  • Added and fixed freqs
  • Create RADIOS_FM_FR_PARIS.TXT with FM Radios in Paris
  • Adding Australian UHF channels and Brisbane Airband to FREQMAN


  • Support “clean” files
  • File manager “Clean” button tweaks
  • Darken FileMan button colors for visibility
  • Fileman memory opt
  • Allow to load more files but unordered
  • Continued folder names consolidation & GPS default folder
  • FileMan support for folder Cut & Paste and Timestamp Rename


  • Cheat code protect in pacman app

Fox hunt:


  • Added Rxsat in Level app
  • Level app: coloration of RxSat value
  • Level fix and beep, RSSI avg fix
  • Fixing level beep, bad copy paste on special SPEC mode
  • Fix gui glitch on beep squelch

Looking glass:

  • Looking glass beep
  • Added CubeSats to Presets
  • Adding Australian UHF to Looking Glass
  • Adjust GUI for more preset name room


  • Mic audio ak4951 fix


  • Beep-on-packet support in POCSAG app


  • Fixed Sonde RSSI “Beep”
  • Radiosonde beep tone tweaks
  • Radiosonde QR code fixes


  • Autostart option
  • Fix Cancel button in Settings->Autostart
  • Beep-on-packets option in Settings


  • Beep-on-packet support in TPMS app

Wardrive Map:


  • Beep-on-packet support in Weather app

Other updates:


  • Set iq_phase_cal in radio when starting SPEC mode
  • Added RXIQCALC
  • Preserve radio mode when updating iq_tx_phase_cal


  • Improved flash image validation
  • External sensor tester app
  • Lambda the flash util menu add item code
  • Audio Beep Test (Debug) external app
  • Improved Audio Beep Test
  • More debug Audio Beep Test tweaks
  • Show true M0 free heap space in DFU overlay
  • Commented out Debug -> Memory Usage app


  • Start audio DMA only in apps that use audio
  • Disabled unused baseband “no-op” process
  • Stop audio DMA in baseband::shutdown
  • Use freq from AppSettings unless passed from another app


  • Added crc32 command to usb shell
  • Dynamic usb buffer fill for screenframeshort


  • Optimized fake brightness code
  • Change sun bitmap to make it more like a sun
  • Remove unused text_info widget
  • Eliminate unnecessary NumberField to save code space
  • Deallocate menu buttons to save memory
  • Fix butngrid/capture and fix contributor name
  • Removed special font characters
  • Move the no ext app tile to forward
  • Modify warning text
  • Add GPS icon, fix overwrite bug


  • Fix compiler warnings
  • Fix unused warnings
  • Fix build warning in settings
  • Declare all folder names in a single source file

Git depot:

  • Update bug_report.md
  • Create config.yml
  • Rename bug_report.md to 01_bug_report.yml
  • Update and rename feature_request.md to feature_request.yml
  • Rename feature_request.yml to 02_feature_request.yml
  • Update config.yml
  • Rename problem-upgrading-the-firmware.md to 03_problem-upgrading-the-firmware.md

Website (https://hackrf.app):

  • Fix shift back in screenshot and mayhem hub

Last notes:

If you are coming from a version <2.0.0, you have to first update using the classic hackrf_spiflash method to bring your firmware to a version >=2.0.0. It will only update the parts of the firmware on the flash, all external apps will NOT be updated using only hackrf_spiflash.

In a second time use the web interface at https://hackrf.app to update to lastest stable/nightly. It will ALSO update external apps that are stored on the sdcard.

If your firmware is already >= 2.0.0, just directly go to https://hackrf.app and update all in one go from there.

!! all sdcard content is NOT updated through website, only the external apps !!


#hackrf #portapack #mayhem #firmware #update

New portapack mayhem app, Level app !

Level app interface

The level app is as simple as possible and allow you to monitor available level meters in a single view.
There is a live graph of each RSSI values and power level.

Link to Documentation

Link to official Nightly build

or click to download compiled version at the time of the post (bin only)

#hackrf #portapack #mayhem #level-app

Edit: it’s the hundredth post of that blog, yay !

HackRF Portapack Mayhem Firmware, Search/Freqman evolution branch

On top of the existing ‘search and stay X seconds after a match’ the SearchApp have been updated with a ‘search and stay’ mode: stay while matching, leave after X seconds of inactivity, reset counters on activity during the wait. mode,
To use it just specify a negative value in the ‘wait’ field using the rotary encoder.

As some have some problems getting the bin back from discord, here you are:

The documentation is on the wiki, here:


Github page:


Portapack firmware with Search App and updated Freqman files (based on latest next )

  • I’ve build an up to date firmware with the last updates from next and the last version from search app and freqman enhancements.
  • The Search app is in the ‘receive’ menu
  • The documentation is here : https://github.com/GullCode/portapack-mayhem/wiki/Search
  • -Freqman now do understand freq files with that format:
    f=468000000 f=468000000,d=Single Freq f=468000000,m=AM,d=Single Freq AM f=468000000,m=NFM,d=Single Freq NFM f=468000000,m=WFM,d=Single Freq WFM f=468000000,m=AM,b=DSB,d=Single Freq AM DSB f=468000000,m=AM,b=USB,d=Single Freq AM USB f=468000000,m=AM,b=LSB,d=Single Freq AM LSB a=87000000,b=110000000 a=87000000,b=110000000,m=AM,s=100KHz,d=AM radio search a=87000000,b=110000000,m=AM,b=DSB,s=250KHz,d=AM radio search LSB a=87000000,b=110000000,m=WFM,b=16k,s=50KHz,d=WFM radio search s=50KHz r=430150000,t=430550000 r=430150000,t=430550000,d=HAM radio r=430150000,t=430550000,m=AM,b=DSB,d=HAM radio
  • The freqman GUI have note been improved and may show partial results on new formatted lines
  • Description of the fields:
    f=freq for one frequency or a=start_frequency,b=end_frequency for a range
  • All fields except ‘f=freq’ or ‘a=freqA,b=freqB’ are mandatory. If nothing specified actual value is used.
  • As a reminder :
    -Most of the time if the Search app is not working as you expected it’s coming from a SDCARD problem.
    -You need a SDCARD for the Search app to save settings between runs and between settings menu / main gui, and you need a SEARCH folder at the root of it.
    -Don’t forget to check that by default the ‘input: load’ fields in ‘search app -> params -> more ‘ are all checked.
    -You HAVE to click save in ordre to save the settings.