HackRF Portapack Mayhem 2.0.1

The new stable firmware is out, with a bunch of bugfixes, new features, and new apps !!
Here you go for a detailed changelog since 2.0.0 !
First apps changes are listed, and then the UI / Radio / Baseband / Website / GIT ones.

TLDR, main features for that update:

  • Freqman is supporting a lot more files than before
  • Tone beep has been added to a ton of apps and as a global setting too
  • 2 new apps which will make use of the incoming ESP32 USB tooling
  • Auto record and repeat in Recon
  • Autostart app on power on option
  • RX IQ CALibration
  • lots of fixes and cleanings
  • some new preset/freqman files
  • some new BLE options

List of updated apps:


  • Beep-on-packet support in ADSB RX app
  • Added sil value ASDB


  • Beep-on-packet support in AIS app


  • Adding Rx IQ error phase CAL to SPEC Audio_App
  • Added a beep duration parameter
  • Improved audio beep tone


  • Added all and all-safe attack types to blespam
  • Bt namespam

Capture/Recording apps:

  • Record gps lat, lon, satinuse from recorder app if there was gps signal


  • Fix Recon Modulation/Bandwidth presets
  • Recon repeat auto recorded file mode
  • Added enums for recon_config bits


  • beep on packet


  • Add FPV analog frequenqies to FREQMAN
  • Limiting description size to 30, and minor fix
  • SSTV Freqs
  • Added and fixed freqs
  • Create RADIOS_FM_FR_PARIS.TXT with FM Radios in Paris
  • Adding Australian UHF channels and Brisbane Airband to FREQMAN


  • Support “clean” files
  • File manager “Clean” button tweaks
  • Darken FileMan button colors for visibility
  • Fileman memory opt
  • Allow to load more files but unordered
  • Continued folder names consolidation & GPS default folder
  • FileMan support for folder Cut & Paste and Timestamp Rename


  • Cheat code protect in pacman app

Fox hunt:


  • Added Rxsat in Level app
  • Level app: coloration of RxSat value
  • Level fix and beep, RSSI avg fix
  • Fixing level beep, bad copy paste on special SPEC mode
  • Fix gui glitch on beep squelch

Looking glass:

  • Looking glass beep
  • Added CubeSats to Presets
  • Adding Australian UHF to Looking Glass
  • Adjust GUI for more preset name room


  • Mic audio ak4951 fix


  • Beep-on-packet support in POCSAG app


  • Fixed Sonde RSSI “Beep”
  • Radiosonde beep tone tweaks
  • Radiosonde QR code fixes


  • Autostart option
  • Fix Cancel button in Settings->Autostart
  • Beep-on-packets option in Settings


  • Beep-on-packet support in TPMS app

Wardrive Map:


  • Beep-on-packet support in Weather app

Other updates:


  • Set iq_phase_cal in radio when starting SPEC mode
  • Added RXIQCALC
  • Preserve radio mode when updating iq_tx_phase_cal


  • Improved flash image validation
  • External sensor tester app
  • Lambda the flash util menu add item code
  • Audio Beep Test (Debug) external app
  • Improved Audio Beep Test
  • More debug Audio Beep Test tweaks
  • Show true M0 free heap space in DFU overlay
  • Commented out Debug -> Memory Usage app


  • Start audio DMA only in apps that use audio
  • Disabled unused baseband “no-op” process
  • Stop audio DMA in baseband::shutdown
  • Use freq from AppSettings unless passed from another app


  • Added crc32 command to usb shell
  • Dynamic usb buffer fill for screenframeshort


  • Optimized fake brightness code
  • Change sun bitmap to make it more like a sun
  • Remove unused text_info widget
  • Eliminate unnecessary NumberField to save code space
  • Deallocate menu buttons to save memory
  • Fix butngrid/capture and fix contributor name
  • Removed special font characters
  • Move the no ext app tile to forward
  • Modify warning text
  • Add GPS icon, fix overwrite bug


  • Fix compiler warnings
  • Fix unused warnings
  • Fix build warning in settings
  • Declare all folder names in a single source file

Git depot:

  • Update bug_report.md
  • Create config.yml
  • Rename bug_report.md to 01_bug_report.yml
  • Update and rename feature_request.md to feature_request.yml
  • Rename feature_request.yml to 02_feature_request.yml
  • Update config.yml
  • Rename problem-upgrading-the-firmware.md to 03_problem-upgrading-the-firmware.md

Website (https://hackrf.app):

  • Fix shift back in screenshot and mayhem hub

Last notes:

If you are coming from a version <2.0.0, you have to first update using the classic hackrf_spiflash method to bring your firmware to a version >=2.0.0. It will only update the parts of the firmware on the flash, all external apps will NOT be updated using only hackrf_spiflash.

In a second time use the web interface at https://hackrf.app to update to lastest stable/nightly. It will ALSO update external apps that are stored on the sdcard.

If your firmware is already >= 2.0.0, just directly go to https://hackrf.app and update all in one go from there.

!! all sdcard content is NOT updated through website, only the external apps !!


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