HackRF/Portapack Mayhem

This is a fork of Mayhem, based on next, which include a better freqman file format and a Recon app based on the scanner to exploit them.



Latest published Recon app bin (updated when there is one):




Introduction to Recon App:

A scan is when using a defined list

A search is when using one or many ranges of frequencies with step

Both are using all the frequencies in their hand and pause on a frequency when matching criteria (like modulation, amplitude,…)

The search should be as quick as the scanner, (around 20 frequencies per second)

The search will stop into any frequency carrying a signal strong enough. You can adjust the signal power threshold with the SQUELCH

For better scanning precision, once a frequency with a powerful enough signal is found, the search, like the scanner, will analyze it for some extra milliseconds, in order to confirm that the signal is still present (and not a spurious peak)

You can check some demo videos  (warning: some features in the video may have been upgraded since filming) here:

Check the wiki for more informations here: